Personal Care: Personal care services include non-medical hands-on assistance with activities of daily living for older adults and adults living with disabilities or other chronic conditions. Our caregivers help individuals to bathe, dress, eat, and navigate a range of other daily tasks. In essence, the personal care worker does tasks for the individual that they are unable to do for themselves independently because of disability due to disease, trauma, or the natural progression of aging. Personal care services can include:
-Ambulation assistance
-Bathing & Showering
-Continence care & Toileting
-Transfers and Positioning
-Bed baths
-Changing briefs
-Taking Vitals
-Medication Reminders
-Skin care
-Hair care & Shampooing
-Mouth & Denture care
-Emptying catheter bags
-Hydration reminders
-Walking Assistance
-Light exercise assistance
Companion Care: Living alone can be wonderful but when illness, age, or a surgical procedure leaves you housebound, the solitude may be less welcome. Our caregivers will be there to keep you smiling, to enjoy a movie together or to indulge in simple conversation. They have strong family values and are there to create an enjoyable and positive atmosphere for you.

Respite Care: A family member may be hesitant to seek or use respite care to leave a loved one in the care of another. However, there is evidence that caregivers who take a break from the associated stresses can help prevent incidents of neglect or abuse. We provide short-term or temporary care of the sick or disabled to provide relief, or respite, to the regular caregiver, usually a family member.

Special Needs Respite Care: For pediatric clients, we specialize in autistic care. Our staff has specialized personnel that are trained on dealing with behavioral disabilities. Our Respite Care Director has over 10 years of experience as a Special Education Teacher with Kennedy Kreiger Institute, an internationally recognized institution dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with pediatric developmental disabilities and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system. Holding a Masters Degree in Education and an Associates in Special Education, she has worked extensively with many different disorders including ADD, ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Cognitive Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, and Dyslexia. Under her direction and our Registered Nurse, our caregivers are highly trained in how to deal with children and Adults with Special Needs.

Post-Partum Care: Before and after care for the new Mom and/or Newborn. Relax with your newborn while we do the chores and cooking; or we’ll watch your newborn while you relax or take care of personal matters.

Meal Preparation: If you or a loved one is recuperating from an illness or surgery, the demands of cooking can be overwhelming. Frozen, heat-and-serve meals may be fine once in a while, but there’s no substitute for a meal prepared in the home. We can help you or a loved one remain at home, while still eating properly. Our aides can do the food shopping, meal preparation, and handle kitchen clean-up. We will prepare your meals for you at any time you desire. Meals are prepared to meet your dietary needs. We can also help you to prepare and/or plan meals for family gatherings.

Shopping and Errands: Getting older, illness, or surgery can make it difficult to run errands or get out to the store. If you or a loved one has trouble walking without assistance or shouldn't be driving, you may worry about running out of milk, eggs, or even toilet paper. We offer help with shopping and running errands for patients who are unable to do these things themselves.

Light Housekeeping: Keeping up with household tasks can be challenging enough when you’re in good health, but when injury, surgery, or aging has limited your mobility, you may find that you need help in order to remain at home while staying on top of chores. We offer light housekeeping services for elderly and infirm patients. Our aides can help maintain a clean and safe environment by assisting with chores that may include vacuuming, dusting, doing dishes, taking out trash and recycling, cleaning bathrooms, making beds, and laundry services.

Transportation/Appointment Accompaniment: From getting to and from the doctor's office to going out and enjoying a movie, our services enables older adults and people with limited mobility the opportunity to get around town. We can provide an aide who can accompany you on shopping excursions, family gatherings, and outings with friends, or any other place you want to go.

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